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Supertech India - Flat registery delayed beyond deadline

By Anurag Naag / June 1, 2018

I received their letter cum demand no. 80091320 dated 03-02-2018 for intimation of possession of flat no b808 in Supertech homes. I immediately made the payment with my letter dated...

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AMRAPALI GROUP - Amrapali Group is big cheaters and liers!!!

By Pankaj Bharti / August 12, 2017

Myself Pankaj Bharti. I come from Bihar to UP. In Noida, I bought flat with my first saving. I thought it was big achivment and I will be able to...

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AMRAPALI GROUP - Their CEO should be behind bars! Thieves!

By Seema Khureshi / July 19, 2017

Throwing your money in the ocean and investing in Amrapali builders project is the same. This is by far the most shameless builder. My name is Seema Khureshi and I...

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