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Jaishree Developers - Chitters

By sanjay / January 15, 2017

Reviews: - The most wanted jaishree developers . My name is sanjay and we live our rent house so oure family take disizent to buy a flat so we are...

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Hariom Construction & Marketing - Lie about amenities and give lousy internal road

By Rameshwar Jha / July 20, 2017

My name is Rameshwar Jha, I booked a villa at Hariom Mega Township in 2012. At that time, the rates were around Rs. 800 per sq. ft. I booked a...

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Hariom Construction & Marketing - Cheats and frauds – will not be true to you!

By Sunil Raj / July 29, 2017

I wanted to buy a house in Ranchi, where I was working for 3 years. In my office, they told me that I will have to work there from now...

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