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DLF GARDEN CITY OMR - Unnecessary Maintenance charged

By rishi nagpal / August 30, 2017

I have just crossed 2 years of registration. I was expecting the association will file a case in groups for compensation in the consumer courts. The group filed a case,...

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True Value Homes (TVH) - Whatever TVH promises you, it’s a lie

By Raj Srinivasan / July 28, 2017

I was looking for a flat to buy because I was going to get married. I wanted to start my new life with my fiancé in a new house that...

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Embassy GROUP - I am concerned with Poor Management

By anuj tripathy / June 5, 2018

I stay in Embassy splendora vivant. I purchased this property for 1.2 crores and invested almost all my savings into this project. I had very high hopes from this project...

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