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Dreamz Infra India - Suprabhath-ii – paid amount 6.85 lakh refund

By K shobha / May 8, 2017

We have chosen an apartment from dreamz infra for hebbal initial and then swapped it to suprabhath-ii since there was litigation to that project. We have paid rs.6.85 lah in...

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Embassy Group - Trust me! You don’t want to buy a flat with them

By Tirth Narayan / July 28, 2017

This review is a warning, to anyone thinking about getting a flat or a residence with Embassy Group. I made the terrible mistake of paying them for my house. And...

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Azven Realty - Unethical behavior plot purchase

By meswarreddy / May 2, 2017

I have brought 2 plots from azven realty builders project called back to life in hoskote on 15th may 2015. When i purchased the plot during pre-launch, they have promised...

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