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Reddy Builders - Reddy Builders In Definite Delay in Possession

By Abhijit Inamdar / April 4, 2016

As per agreement with this Reddy builder’s in Bangalore, we were promised to deliver the flat to us by August 2015. It has been an year over and till now...

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DS Max Properties - Dont Buy DS MAX

By Ranthir Muralidharan / April 29, 2017

Hi All, This is Ranthir Muralidharan, Flat owner of 330 of DS Max Stone Hill, Anjanapura. My suggestion to the new buyers is dont go for DS Max, for the...

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Sobha Developers - Political goons on the name of builders

By atap / February 13, 2017

Sometimes it becomes very very important to name and shame few people who fool and cheat clients arrogantly because of their big political contcats you can't do anything. High selling...

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