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Citicon Engineers - Be prepared to lose your money with these scammers

By Raja Mohapatra / July 2, 2017

Way back in 2008, we came across a large advertisement near a temple we were visiting, it was of Som Annex 1, a project by Citicon Engineers. There were sprawling...

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Citicon Engineers Ltd - Citicon people will give you repeat bounce cheques

By Ronil Dev / August 11, 2017

For the past three and a half years, I have been running around like a big fool because of some people. I want to make all their cheating and thief...

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Citicon Engineers Ltd - Citicon Engineers Ltd is 100% fraud & scam company

By atap / July 28, 2017

Muktikanta Badu & Citicon Engineers Ltd are involved in land registration fraud, cheating cutomers, Real Estate Fraud, property fraud, plot scam, land scam, land forgery, scam projects, check bounce etc....

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