Ishan Township Pvt. Ltd - Issue in Registry & payment in VatsalaVihar MhowRd

By Bharat Mewara / November 7, 2017


I had booked a Plot with 120 in Ishaan Township Project named "Vatsala Vihar" on Mhow Road, Indore in 2013 with rate of 525 per sq ft. With a down payment...

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Ishan Township Pvt. Ltd - These ppl force you to buy there flats, DONT BUY!!

By Dhruv Nagpal / August 1, 2017


me, my mother, father and brother lived in radha nagar in indore. It was our house only, no rent and all. so we dint look for another house, flat etc....

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Ishan Township Pvt. Ltd - Fraudulent project, builder duped me!!

By Subhas Purohit / July 20, 2017


My name is Subhas Purohit and I booked a villa in Golden Park, Mhow, Indore. The project was by Ishan Township Builders. I had booked adjacent plots 150 and 153...

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Ishan Township Pvt. Ltd - Refund of my flat/plot amount

By Sanjay Shukla / May 23, 2017


I had punchesed a plot layout name is Ishan golden park plot no. 43from ishan township pvt. Ltd.and at 14 jun 2011 agriment was "devlopment work will be executed within...

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